About this Tool

The Cross-listing Assistant in Canvas helps you combine enrollments from multiple course sections into a single primary Canvas site, which means you don't have to manage a separate version of the course for each section. This tool shows you all uncrosslisted sections in which you are enrolled as a teacher or related role. You can then select and move sections into the current course. Additional capabilities are available for Canvas admins.

Key Features for Teaching and Learning

  • View and select sections. The Crosslisting Assistant displays all SIS sections in which you are enrolled as the instructor, and you can select them by clicking on them.
  • Crosslist selected sections. Once uncrosslisted sections are selected, you can proceed with crosslisting them into the current course.
  • De-crosslist selected sections. You can remove sections that have already been crosslisted by selecting them from the listed of cross-listed sections.
  • View already cross-listed and non-SIS sections. Canvas admins can use the "Impersonate User" feature to crosslist sections on behalf of the course instructor.