About this Tool

Kaltura Classroom Capture, also called Kaltura Lecture Capture, is a tool for recording your live class lectures. You can easily "capture" your class and then distribute the captured content to your students via Canvas. Kaltura Classroom Capture can record a variety of inputs from your classroom, and you can schedule your recording ahead. You can even use Kaltura REACH to caption your videos for accessibility.

Key Features for Teaching and Learning

  • Just hit record. Kaltura Classroom Capture is simple, streamlined, and allows you to effortlessly record cameras and capture screens, directly into your LMS, with just one click.
  • Distribute recorded lectures to students. Your recorded content will automatically upload to Kaltura, making it easy for you to access and distribute to students using Kaltura (Canvas Integration).
  • Choose what you record. Kaltura Classroom Captures lets you record a variety of inputs from your classroom, including camera, computer screen, and audio.
  • Record automatically or manually. You can schedule your recording ahead by filling out the Kaltura Request Form, or you can start a recording using the computer in your classroom.

Teaching Stories using this Tool

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