About this Tool

Top Hat is a teaching and learning tool that engages students using polls, questions, discussions, and homework. Your students can engage with the content using their mobile devices, making Top Hat a valuable, less costly alternative to traditional clickers, and one that works well in any instruction mode: in-person, hybrid, or fully online. Additionally, Top Hat has an attendance feature, supports various question types, and can provide you with formative feedback throughout the lesson so you will know if students are comprehending the instruction. Made possible through the enterprise agreement at Indiana University, Top Hat is available without fee to you and your students.

While Top Hat's reponse system is free, you may also choose to assign a textbook through Top Hat Textbook, available through the IU eText initiative.

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Key Features for Teaching and Learning

  • Choose from a variety of question types. Ask different question types with polls and quizzes such as multiple choice, matching, click on target, sorting, including discussion to engage students in different instructional strategies.
  • Use for formative or summative assessment. In Top Hat, you can conduct formative assessment for instant feedback during a presentation, but, in Top Hat Test, you can also conduct summative assessments.
  • Access a live chat window. This feature acts as a backchannel and allows students to raise their hand, ask questions, and communicate with one another. 
  • Get LMS integration and sync capability. Top Hat integrates with Canvas so response results can be sent back to the Canvas gradebook.

This feature description includes vendor-provided information.