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Engage in discussions outside class

  • Chat with students in real timeā€”and simplify office hours
  • Build peer support and facilitate group projects
  • Focus discussion on a specific task or assignment


Organize your course materials

  • Save and organize videos, course content, and other materials in Canvas
  • Import and distribute learning objects in a shared repository


Track student progress and learning goals

  • Gather student input through questionnaires and polls
  • Provide ongoing and substantial feedback from anywhere
  • Embed quizzes for real-time feedback in Canvas or videos

Content Creation

Design innovative course materials

  • Create interactive content and dynamic presentations
  • Empower students to be active producers
  • Access course materials and texts from any device


Turn groups into teams

  • Provide tools for students to collaborate remotely
  • Create online spaces for students to contribute as a team
  • Set up repositories to find, import, and share resources

Learning Management

Manage your course, roster, and sections in Canvas

  • Organize course content in a simplified, accessible workflow
  • Combine and manage multiple sections in a single course site
  • Take, track, and grade student attendance

Publisher Courseware

Provide interactive & adaptive learning environments

  • Access homework, problem sets, and quiz and test banks from publishers
  • Codeless access for your students
  • Integrate with Canvas

Course Materials

Get readymade videos, games, images, and more

  • Get access to interactive content and dynamic presentations
  • Integrate games and simulations into your course
  • Find videos, images, and media-rich content specific to your discipline